Social Networking

Why should you consider joining social networks such as Facebook and Twitter?  One reason is because Facebook has a very high retention rate (meaning people are on it so often that you’re likely to be seen) and Twitter has become the forum for getting the most up-to-date information about news that users find interesting (family, business, world news, celebrities, etc).

What kind of solutions does SGO Marketing provide for its clients.

Facebook  Solutions

Facebook is second to Google as far as website engagement. People are on there all the time.  The difference between advertising on Google and advertising on Facebook is how the level of focus you can advertise to potential clients.  Google is more broad where as in Facebook they have the information of your potential client such as age, sex, marital status and their favorite reading material and movies.  As an example, if your primary target customer is a woman, 40 years and older, married with children, Facebook is a clear advantage for finding that customer.  SGO Marketing and help you reach that customer while saving you hundreds of dollars from using Google Ads.

Twitter Solutions

Twitter is a 140 character broadcast message that has been a growing trend.  Twitter can be used to advertise to people in local regions and with similar interests in your product.  Twitter is also a short “status” update for many micro-bloggers, people who just want to share what they’re doing.  What we can do is find people within a 50 mile radius of your business blogging about your product and introduce them to you.  They can choose to follow you on Twitter and listen to your broadcasts, which we schedule for our clients.  SGO Marketing also specializes in getting you more Twitter followers if you already have an account established.